Are ready for an inspired ride

Here at Inspired Ride we are working class kind a folk.  We understand that not everybody can ride four hours a day and a century every weekend.  No knock on those of you who have the time to accumulate mileage equivalent to riding the Tour de France four times a year.  The rest of us have lawns to mow, little league games to attend, and jobs that demand that we commute to an office where we stare at a computer for eight hours a day.  Thus we carve out a few hours during a weekend to pretend that all of the responsibilities of life don’t exist.  Those few hours a week are precious.  You have to make the most of every opportunity to escape the everyday reality.   We must escape to a parallel universe in which we are not the cubicle sitting, lawn mowing, umpire abusing person we are, but a warrior, a gladiator, ready to take on any and all challenges. (Remember I am a firm believer in the child within, thus the active imagination of a 9-year-old.)